For over 90 years we have been specialized in the transportation and moving of musical instruments such as pianos, digital pianos, pianolas, organs, harpsichords and grand pianos in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and England.

We transport pianos and grand pianos for several wholesale businesses and piano and grand piano factories from Europe and Asia to specialized piano and grand piano stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and England.

Besides this, we also arrange the delivery of these instruments for many piano stores and piano-tuners to private customers.

As a specialist in this area we can of course also move your piano or grand piano from one address to another.

Wagenpark met vrachtwagens en kraanwagens van Griffioen Transport.

We can transport almost anything for you thanks to our modern and special designed fleet of cars, of which some are equipped with a mobile crane.

We are specialized in so called ‘combination transports’. This means we drive different routes every day for pick-up and delivery of several musical instruments. Therefore it is not always possible to deliver your piano or grand piano the same day as the pick-up day but the great benefit is that a larger distance between the pick-up and delivery address does not lead to very high transportation costs.

Your instrument will always arrive fast at its destination thanks to our frequent travel to and from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and England.

Even if the new destination of your instrument is outside our normal delivery area, we can still arrange the transportation. Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding price quote for your piano or grand piano removal.