Griffioen Piano and Grand Piano Transport


For more than 90 years Griffioen Transport has been specialised in transportation and removal of pianos and grand pianos in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and England.


The transportation of your piano or grand piano is in good hands with us. Our staff is trained in-house and is highly experienced in moving pianos and grand pianos.


Besides removals, we also offer other services. We can also store your piano or grand piano in our specially temperature controlled storage-space.

About us

Griffioen transport is a more then 90 years old family business.

In 1929 founder Henk Griffioen bought the courier service ‘Blijleven’ from his employer in the villages Bodegraven and de Meije in the Netherlands. He soon changed the name to ‘Bode Griffioen v/h Blijleven’. During the first years the company was based on Meije number 10 in Bodegraven. The courier service at first used a horse and carriage but soon this was exchanged by a truck.

At that time the work consisted mainly of picking up orders for delivery to several suppliers and wholesalers in the nearby town of Gouda. In the afternoon the ordered goods at these companies would be picked-up to be delivered the same day in Bodegraven. The merchandise for the towns of de Meije and Zegveld would be delivered the next day, together with the loaded merchandise of ‘Van Gend en Loos’ of which Bode Griffioen v/h Blijleven was the fixed transporter in de Meije and Zegveld.

Our services

For already 90 years we move and transport all your valuable belongings with great care. Because of our experience you are insured that your piano is in great hands.

We have expanded largely the last years, but our personal touch will always remain.

Henk Griffioen

3rd generation family Griffioen

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    Griffioen tranport is located in a modern building on the industrial premises ‘Broekvelden’ in Bodegraven. Bodegraven lies in the middle of the so called ‘green heart’ of the Netherlands. It has a direct connection with the highway A12. Thanks to its central location all parts of the Netherlands and Belgium can be reached fast.